The Genesis of Hate

sayidqutb.jpgPlease take a stop by Little Green Footballs sometime this weekend, read Charle’s commentary on Sayyid Qutb, one of the fathers of the modern Islamist Terrorism campaign. It’s been going since the fifties, it’s time for you to see and understand the start of it. 

Sayid Qutb was a societal misfit, here and at home, a misogynistic mental eunuch “who could never find a woman pure enough”. Draw your own conclusions.

Like many other unsmiling leftists, he started with “social justice” which led to the nihilism of fixating on minor flaws which usually appear only to the eye of the malcreant mind.

Like the ugly girls at the back corner of the dance hall making catty remarks between themselves about the girls who get asked to dance, so too was Sayid when looking at the strength and beauty of America during his visit. Once started down the death spiral into nihilism there was no stopping until full-anti American, anti-woman, anti-almost everything fundamentalism. Whether you are following Marx or Muhammed, if you adapt a narrow, exclusive, nilhilistic view you always end up at pure evil.

He was also known for “his introvertedness, isolation, depression and concern.”  Does that sound familiar?

From Wikipedia: 

Qutb never married, in part because of his steadfast religious convictions. While the urban Egyptian society he lived in was becoming more Westernized, Qutb believed the Quran (Surat al-Nisa, 4:32) taught women that `Men are the managers of women’s affairs ...’ Qutb lamented to his readers that he was never able to find a woman of sufficient “moral purity and discretion” and had to reconcile himself to bachelorhood.

[Translation: the unsmiling puke never got laid because any woman he got near could sense the twisted evil]

His “Mein Kampf”, his “Communist Manifesto”, was titled Ma’alim fi al-Tariq [Arabic: معالم في الطريق] or Milestones.

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  1. Those are sweeping statements you make, even for a Arizonan wahhabist, please explain the particulars of where you think I am wrong?

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