Great News From Afghanistan

afghan_baby_immunized_244×298.jpgBecause it’s just another dry statistic, you aren’t going to hear much about this in the media, but in Afghanistan infant mortality has dropped by 18% over the Taliban era. That means there are healthier children being provided better care, and that Afghanistan has a brighter future. You can expect that we will also see overall life expectancy go up, and real wealth to start growing again.

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The Face of Evil

In response to my post on the political football that the war has become, I elicited some response from the left: a trackback from a communist muslim in London, and some heated disagreement from someone named Dennis.

Both of course challenged the morality of continuing the war to its conclusion. There’s no question in my mind that what we are doing is a noble thing worth finishing. I’ve studied the face of evil for most of my life.

Dennis references the Viet Nam war, but not the aftermath .. the boat people, Pol Pot, the millions dead. So for Dennis, here’s the face of evil, and a repost of a salient interview with a reporter who has seen the face of true evil in our time.

 Turning your back on evil, hiding, ignoring it, pretending it doesn’t exist… that’s always the easy thing to do. Perseverance is always the hardest constituent of courage to find. Most people just don’t have the spine or the patience to persist against evil, but persist we must.

Zimbabwe: a Country Where Sheryl Crow Makes Sense

Zimbabwe Inflation is > 1000%

zimb_graphic.jpgIn a horrid lesson on what not to do with a blooming economy, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe demonstrates the futility of government planned economies and money-presses. Anyone working for foreigners and getting paid in foreign currency is fine, but if you get paid in Zimbabwe currency you better spend it right away.

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Senior Al Qaeda operative Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi captured

Bill Roggio has the full story, and more with video at Hot Air. It’s always a good day when another Al Qaeda dog gets taken to Club Gitmo.

UPDATE: Abd al-hadi al-Iraqi is a suspect for the 7/7 bombings, as was this guy…. coincidence?

UPDATE II: After you hook the big fish, you go back and clean up the small fry.

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