Jamia Hafsa Declares Jihad on Downtown Islamabad

cd-burn-fp.jpgFrontier post reports on the rally of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid, who are declaring Taliban style Sharia court in Islamabad. They are threatening waves of suicide bombers if they are opposed, and in this step they have gone too far both with the citizens of Islamabad and with the Government.

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British Sailors Retract all Statements Made in Iran

The released British sailors retracted all statements they made while imprisoned by the Iranians, and now state that they were in Iraqi waters. See video here

For a contrasting view from a British Marine Colonel, please stop by LGF. Personally, I am not going to judge them as we don’t know full circumstance, the pressures brought to bear, and we probably never will.

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The Hill Forts Fall

In Wana, Pakistan 20 more Uzbek Al Qaida were killed by mixed Taliban and tribal forces bringing the total deaths to 270, with aproximately 70 deaths since the Taliban brokered peace failed on the 19th. Seven tribals died in the fighting at the high houses near Wana.

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