Pakistan Update

In the WTF (What the Fatwah!?) Department we have another woman who goes on the list of having more courage than many men — Nilofer Bhaktiar in a Daily Times interview

sherpao-cartoon.jpgInterior Minister Sherpao is confirming that Abdullah Mehsud (Pakistani Taliban commander related to Baitullah Mehsud) was behind the attack on him that killed 28 via suicide bomber last week. Since then three more have passed away in the hospital, bringing the total death tally in the horrific bombing to 31.

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Iran Exterminates Individuality

In its race to become the most repressive regime since Mao Zedong’s, the State of Iran is now mandating haircut styles for men, and burqas for women. It’s a quest doomed to failure – trying to remake people into the state’s image is bound to have severe reprecussions for the regime over time.

Lost Comments

Apologies to Ornery Elephant, and maybe one other? I lost some comments this morning through not paying attention while deleting some spam. I am also implementing a new policy, as I reply to comments I will insert my replies at the bottom of the comment I am replying to with brackets. I would rather my reader’s comments show up in the side bar for reading than all my replies.

Also a side note: a great place to hit for round-ups is Noisy Room, they usually have a post per day with an amalgam of some of the better articles around the web.