Bhutan Prepares for Democracy

What amazes me is reading some of the online forums in Nepal, the debaters in the forums are quoting heavily from the Federalist papers, and seem to know more about the founding of our country than most Americans. It’s thrilling that the old words which paved the way to our freedoms hundreds of years ago still have power across the world today.

bhutan3_web.jpgFreedom continues to break out all over the world. Bhutan is preparing mock polls so that people can learn how to vote in preparation for the upcoming 2008 Elections.

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Jamia Hafsa Lal Masjid Break off Talks

Jamia Hafsa leaders broke off negotiations to end the library siege after an army helicopter hovered over them and took pictures. They reported that the helicopter sprayed “strange gas on them” but I would wager that’s the normal exhaust and they are exagerating.

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Waziristan News

it appears that the Uzbeks fled to North Wazirstan, or they used some clever misdirection by putting Tahir Yaldashev’s bullet proof Prado 4×4 where he wasn’t going.

An interesting update to yesterday’s Pakistan coverage of the new Jirga and accords: Apparently most or all of the leaders who signed the original South Waziristan peace accords are now gone with the Uzbeks, which is probably why they made and signed a new one.

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VA Tech Shooter Description From Victim

A victim describes the Virgina Tech massacre shooter in this video as Asian, in his 20’s, dressed in a black leather jacket. Listen as he vividly describes the shooting and where he was hit.

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Reports vary from 30-32 dead (confusion over  whether or not the shooter is included in some counts) and 21 injured.

UPDATE: Reports are out that the shooter chained the doors from the inside of the Dorm where he killed the majority of the students and teachers.

The earlier shooting took place around 7:00 and later shootings 2 hours after, there is lots of talk on all channels regarding the decisions made about notifications at Virginia Tech after the first shooting. Expect that to bubble awhile, but in the end the shooter is the guilty one — learn from this and make better plans for future occurrences.

The shooter shot himself in the head by some reports, which is making identification troublesome for the authorities as he was not carrying photo ID.