Leftists Align With Neo-Nazis

race_flyer.jpgZombie has come across some footage demonstrating that both the goals, and the terminology used, by White Supremacists and the Anti-War left are the the same. Please take a stop by and see the photos and analysis of this dangerous alignment yourself.  From Zombie:

The question that nags at me is this:

Why did the media fail to describe the “anti-Semitic” literature distributed by W.A.R. in Berkeley? The reporters surely saw the material, as most of the other flyers and publications were described in the various news reports. Of them all, it seems only that one was left unmentioned.

Was this not a random oversight, but instead a conscious or subconscious decision? One wonders if the reporters, upon seeing the anti-Israel flyer and perhaps realizing that its sentiment was identical to the sentiment of the anti-war movement, decided to just sweep that particular detail under the rug.

All the reports mention the fact that there was anti-Semitic material found, and it was decried and condemned by the various people quoted in the article. But then why — when the exact same messages are displayed at left-wing rallies — does the media not produce news reports exposing the anti-Semitism of the “peace movement”?

For a more detailed analysis of far left and far right alignments in the past, please read “Ominous Paralells” by Leonard Peikoff. For a shorter version of how the strange bedfellows come together present-time, please pick up a copy of Virginia Postrel’s “The Future and it’s Enemies.”

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