The F-word, or Why I Won’t Vote for McCain

The surrender-deadline bill has now passed the Senate, and it took everything the Dems had to make it so, including a lot of votes bought through pork. It’s unconscionable, it’s terribly wrong, and it’s demoralizing to our troops, to our allies, and to our nation.

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Lal Masjid / Jamia Hafsa

The negotiations are still going, and there is posturing both sides, it looks however as if the government has ceded to the mad mullah’s demands. However when it’s all said and done, you have to ask whose version of Sharia they will follow?

Bill Roggio’s got the best update this morn, please stop by for a read. Western Resistance also has a three article series on the entire sordid history of the madrassah that ran in Family Security Matters. The latest article details the ties to the ISI old-guard and is well worth a read. The ties of the school to Hamid Gul cronies is apparent.