Pakistan Update

Another Al Qaida operative has been captured in the mountains near Zhob in Pakistan, it’s not known if this is someone important or not, there are conflicting reports.

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Suicide Attack Injures Sherpao and Son, Kills 25

suicide-bomber.jpgAP and CNN are reporting a Suicide Bomber attack on the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Aftab Khan Sherpao. Sherpao is one of the most visible and popular leaders in the NWFP, and although he sits on the opposition bench, he’s been very supportive of Musharaaf’s moves in the region. Sherpao has also long been seen by some as a possible successor to Musharaaf if the PML ever got pushed aside by the PPP (it’s unlikely that Benazir Bhutto could ever return and hold office except by proxy due to the widely unpopular corruption of her tenure.)

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Sympathy for the Devil

lal-masjid-sticks.jpgIn a new turn of affairs with Jamia Hafsa, some other Deoband/Wahbbi Madrassahs are beginning to demonstrate in solidarity with the radical Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa in Pakistan, even though Wafaq Madaris has revoked their affiliation (Wafaq Madaris Al Arbia Pakistan is the council of Deoband Madrassahs in Pakistan.) Jamia Hafsa is using militancy to enforce their extreme form of shariat.

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