Penn and Teller VS. Wal Mart Haters

*** Warning: Not work-safe, even with the bleeping ***

In this excerpt from Penn & Teller’s Showtime Series “Bullshit!” they take on some Wal-mart haters. I recommend you see the whole thing, or buy the series when it comes out on CD, it’s well worth the money or time spent.

Disclaimer: I am a long standing fan of Penn and Teller, I shook hands with Penn Jillette in the early nineties in Sacramento, I used to subscribe to The Skeptical Inquirer (aka The Zetetic,) I’ve given them money two times, and I even bought one of their crappy refridgerator magnets in Las Vegas. (Ok… so the refridgerator magnet’s not that crappy, matter of fact it’s kind of cool, but boy was it overpriced!)

I also worked for Viacom / Showtime around the time they were getting sued by Chuck Barris for broadcasting “The Gay Dating Game” on public access television in San Francisco. Penn’s really making me write all this… he’s been remotely mind controlling me ever since he shook my hand in the 90’s. One more thing: You really need to get them a better picture at Wikipedia Penn.

Iran Frees British Sailors

Amadinejad has stated that he will free the kidnapped British sailors — this comes after an Iranian “diplomat” was freed in Iraq, and after assurances from Britain that they would not sail in Iranian waters.

from Reuters:

In a dramatic announcement, Ahmadinejad said while he was “saddened” by Britain’s violation of Iran’s borders and felt the country was not “brave enough” to admit it made a mistake, he was willing to forgive.

“Under the influence of the Muslim Prophet (Iran) forgives these 15 people and gives their freedom to the British people as a gift,” Ahmadinejad said at the end of an hour-long news conference.

The announcement, made with a dramatic flourish by the Iranian president, sent oil prices down after a sharp rise during the 13-day crisis. U.S. stock futures and the dollar rose.

“I ask Mr. Blair not to punish the soldiers with the charge of accepting and telling the truth,” he said in reference to taped “confessions” from the sailors and marines saying they had entered Iranian waters.

The Iranian president said the captives — 14 men and a woman — would be released immediately after the news conference.

My read of all this: Britain has caved. By their promise not to enter Iranian waters, they have acknowledged that the disputed area is Iranian. The only method left to re-establish the boundary now is for US Ships and sailors to patrol the waterway in tandem with Iraqi ships in “show the flag” excercises. Thank you very much Mr. Blair.

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War Drums Beat in Wana

The battles in Wana continue as local tribes and Taliban comb the countryside to expel Al Qaida aligned Uzbeks and Chechens. The war drums have not sounded in five years due to Taliban edicts against them. More tribes, including some which were previously aligned with the Uzbeks have joined in. Alliances in Pakistan’s tribal regions are always fickle, and can change with one slight, imagined or real, one breath of wind.

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