CNN’s Glowing Tribute to Mass Murder

Christiane “Jihad Can’t be Beat” Amanpour and Peter Bergen’s glowing fawning portrayal of a mass murderer is symptiomatic of what’s wrong with modern Journalism. When even the New York Times characterizes your special as an “Al Qaeda Recruitment Video” you should wake up and realize you’ve done something terribly wrong.

Here’s Christiane’s take from Al Jazeera:

“When there is somebody like bin Laden who’s done what he’s done, there’s the natural reaction of pigeonholing, making him the monster. But I think it’s interesting to try to know more about them,” Amanpour said in a recent interview.

She goes on to justify the statement with a specious canard about “knowing your enemy”

In the two-hour tribute to Bin Laden titled “In the Footsteps of Bin Laden” the opportunistic duo pulled an audience share for news that night second only to the Bill O’Reilly show. This is a media celebration of evil, and it propagates the myths of terrorism as if they were Al Qaeda press agents themselves. Joe Scarborough points out one in this video analysis and debate (worth watching the whole segment).

Joe correctly summarizes the leftist’s nihilistic view of terrorism with a brilliant Obi Wan analogy. Much like their view towards communism from the sixties onward, they think confronting and fighting terrorism only makes it worse, they wish to hide from and ignore terrorism.

This failed world view didn’t work last century, and it will not work this century either. This is what the fatalistic, jaded perceptions adopted by most of the media leads to. To the average journalist and leftist we are all doomed, life is pointless, purposeless, and right and wrong is defined by who’s telling the deconstructed story after all.

They interview several friends and acquaintances of Bin Laden who speak of a devout muslim revolutionary, quiet, soft-spoken, etc. etc. ad nauseum Leader, akin to the glowing things followers of Hitler, The Moonies, James Jones, and Charles Manson said.

Nowhere in the special do they talk to the muslims who would slit Bin Laden’s throat in a second for killing their families in the marketplaces in Baghdad and Kabul. Nowhere do they talk to the Afghans or Pakistanis who would dance on his grave before urinating on it for bringing such strife and destruction to their countries.

In the end news is a product, and this will run in heavy rotation for years on Arabic networks. Christiane and Peter will laugh all the way to the bank.

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