India Reopens Blogging

Indian security officials are declaring that their blocking of blogs has proven counterproductive, and they have reopened many blocked sites in India. I am curious if you can get to The Jawa Report and others now from there.

CAUTION: You can tell that Capitalism is winning quite handily over Communism in India, turn on your pop up blockers before you follow this link folks!

The clampdown on blogging following 7/11 has been revoked not because the blogging community expressed unhappiness at the restriction, but intelligence agencies pointed out that the ban was limiting their scope of investigations into the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts, which claimed nearly 200 lives.

With the ban revoked, investigating agencies have started keeping a close tab on online chat rooms and blogs for any “circumstantial evidence” linked to the serial blasts. The restriction on blogging, which was imposed immediately after the blasts, was lifted about ten days ago.

An intelligence official involved in cybertracking of clues linked to 7/11 said, “The clampdown on a few sites was invoked as banned organisations were found to be using chat rooms and blogs to send messages