KOS gears up for elections


KOS is starting the campaign, see this. Grassroots efforts to support lesser known candiates starts, check the “requirements” & “positives” sections at bottom.

Also note my earlier recommendation to conservatives:

We are six months and change out from mid-terms, so I”ve added a new tag “elections” and request that all conservative bloggers do so as well, & flag things that can impact elections, articles about election tracking etc. with it. That way it will be easier to hunt friend and foe.


It’s also very important that you give your local candidates who are true to cause some national limelight, and point out the foibles and follies of their foes. You know your regional issues better than the Mega-bloggers, you know your candidates better, you know your local periodicals and info sources better. Please surface the important stuff, we can’t focus on just national, war, and immigration and expect to win this November.