Updates – MS security bulletins, Nuclear news

Windows Security Bulletins 

Microsoft released three new security bulletins today, please don’t wait around, if you have “Gates Gear” go get patched tonight at windows update. The cycle time from bulletin release to exploits in the wild is now extremely short, expect worms that use these flaws tonight or tomorrow. There are botnet drivers out there building code as I write — don’t become part of their herd. Speaking of botnet drivers, Ancheta gets 57 months in jail. Sordid tale here.

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Welcome visitors from American Thinker

Welcome to readers of American Thinker, I am posting this because one of the links in my article is broken, no fault of the great editors, but mine instead. If you are trying to get to the link labeled “ultimate evil end” here is the article.

I’ve sent them email to correct, hopefully they get it soon. Update: Link in the main article is now fixed. Thanks

Iraqi Government possibly today or tomorrow

The Iraqi government is getting close to final formation, see this article from the Turkish Press:

Nuri al-Maliki, assigned to establish the new National Unity government, said the new Iraqi government will be formed “today or tomorrow.”

Appointed as prime minister in April, al-Maliki announced the government is almost ready; cabinet members include Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish group representatives.

The candidate ministers of particular offices, such as oil, defense, interior, foreign, and finance have been determined and the process will expectedly be completed by Thursday.

In the same edition, Iran is presenting Turkey with “evidence” that the US is meeting with with the PKK, Kurdish Communist separatists/terrorists that neither goverment is fond of.