I am taking the night off

After a long day at work, and some indulgence in my guilty pleasure, 24, I am going to take the night off from the blogosphere. Just a few musings before I locate that bottle of Hennessy that’s my other guilty pleasure… Why the guilt? Hennessey is from the country that gave us Jaques Chirac, and in 24 why does it have to be people in our government who are the bad guys half the time? Anyway, don’t expect any deep thinking or substance here tonight.

Fashionista fancies:

Are the fashionistas trying to dress our daughters like ’70s hippies so the aging crowd can relive their youth, or are they trying to dress them like harem slaves to satisfy their penchant for identifying deeply with our enemies and trying to understand them? You decide. The revealing ‘I dream of Jeannie” tops have me thinking it’s the latter.

Jerry P. Has and interesting article up on his mail page here, he references a Larry Niven story about prisoners being used for body parts in the article, but when you read this remember that Falun Gong protester that got hauled off while Hu was visiting.

Subject: Niven the Prophet

Jerry, What strikes me is the tone of the story, which suggests that it is reasonable for ordinary Canadians to go shopping for Chinese prison organs for transplant. Niven surely predicted this one.