Mexican Elections

I’ve just returned from vacation in Mexico’s Yucatan penninsula, and I took the opportunity to survey several folks asking them who they favored in the upcoming vote.

The sentiment in the entirely unscientific poll I took was 100% for Obrador. A couple of notes: those I surveyed worked at the resort, the airport, for transport companies, or at tourist attractions, and with only a couple of exceptions they were Mayan. Obrador runs strong among the indigenous Mayans due to his efforts on their behalf in the past.

I don’t think this election is predictable, and there is a lot of time between now and la vota. During the week I was there the political posters on the roadway between Cancun and Puerto Moreles doubled, with PRD, PAN, and PRI posters being the most common, the money is starting to be spent, with green the predominant color, yellow for Obrador’s party the least common.

Publius Pundit has a recent article worth reviewing on the upcoming elections in Mexico, here .