Dan would Rather whine

I can’t believe he’s still going on about this, see Liz Strauss’ article or Dave Winer’s at Scripting News. Gosh, I guess I feel like one of those Ideological Partisans now….

 Courage Dan, Courage.

If Bush Sends National Guard to the Border

UPDATE: Anderson Cooper 360 covering this after next commercial break. 

If as predicted President Bush does put National Guard or other armed forces on the border, then the left will dredge up an incident from the past. It involved a Marine shooting a goat-herder after the goat herder fired upon him in 1997 during drug interdiction patrols. These patrols stopped after this incident, and afterwards the drug cartels took over the border towns.

Although the defense department has supported the Marines — they had radioed to superiors asking for permission to load their weapons and fire at Hernandez — it has also suspended all missions that would put troops on the U.S.-Mexico border while it reviews military drug policies.

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NSA teapot tempest update

Here’s an update on the NSA program, see Senator Kit Bond deflate Leaky Leahy here.

The case of Smith v. Maryland in 1979, the U.S. Supreme Court said that the government could continue to use phone records, who called from where to where, at what time, for what length, for intelligence and criminal investigations without a warrant.

This has been going on, and this has been gone on long before the president’s program started. And the president’s program, as he designed, as he explained it, has been designed, and is carefully monitored by the lawyers from the NSA and the Department of Justice to make sure that they target telephone communications from or to overseas al-Qaida or al-Qaida known affiliates.

And this program has given us significant leads and allowed us to identify terrorists and to break up planned plots in the United States. Telephone calls from domestic to domestic-foreign phone calls are not targeted, are not used — their content is not used — unless there is a court order.

See President Bush response here.

China and Cuba to siphon off gulf oil

China and Cuba will soon be tapping the reserves of oil under the Gulf of Mexico within fifty miles of Key West, Florida. These reserves are off-limits to US oil drillers due to extensive no-drilling zones created by congress. It’s flatly wrong to allow this to happen, if our only sources of oil are from tyranical countries how is that supporting freedom? Continue reading “China and Cuba to siphon off gulf oil”