Yes, I admit I have been slacking. Right now the telecommunications company I work for is racing to deliver the promise of our Merger and the pace is a bit murderous. We have to make certain to deliver for our shareholders by meeting or beating the expectations of the infamous “guys on the street” so there’s no forgiveness on any targetted dates – and it’s my job to be the unforgiving one who takes hostages if it looks like dates are in jeopardy.

That makes for some long days and evenings, and on top of that I’m trying to put things in order before vacation. If things work out well and the spot we go to has internet, maybe I will get some of the back log of articles off the docks here.

Here’s what’s piled up in queue atm:

Dystopic Vision or Eutopic Vision?

The Romans built roads

States Rights, States Duties, and State of revolt

and of course several more energy articles, we’ve barely scratched the surface there yet.