Germany visits the edge of the Non-Nuclear Power abyss

In Germany politicians earlier made committment to eliminate nuclear power from Germany by 2021 after unrelenting pressure over the last 20 years from the Greens. This even though Nuclear supplies 30% of Germany’s energy at present. After the trick Gazprom pulled with the Ukraine perhaps they ought to rethink that committment. See this article at Deutsch Welle for the details.

“Nuclear power will also be on the agenda,” said Jürgen Rüttgers of the Christian Democratic party (to which Merkel belongs) and premier of North Rhine-Westfalia. “The Social Democratic party and Green party can’t ignore the question of where 30 percent of our energy in Germany is to come from in the future,” said Rüttgers, referring to the amount nuclear plants have supplied until now.

In another sign of change as well, the Greens are shifting from their environmental roots as Realos gains ascendency over Fundis.