Wasilla Public Library on Sarah Palin: No banned books … EVER

On the left they are trying to paint Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as a warmongering end-of-days rabid Christian dominionist, and one of their sallies is to say that she tried to ban books. I happen to know who and where the Christian dominionists and rabid Christian Identity movement people are since we’ve been actively fighting them over their attempts to get creationism into public schools. (See here.) I can tell you that Governor Sarah Palin is not one of them.

If you look at the records of asks to ban books (and the Wasilla Public library records them all,) there aren’t any from Sarah. Here’s the table of requests, and the actions the library took from their records:

If this is the best the left can come up with, they better get ready to weep November 3rd.
Resources: PDF file Link in Wasilla

4 thoughts on “Wasilla Public Library on Sarah Palin: No banned books … EVER”

  1. The MSM Drive-bys are trying so hard to “report” the news about the fired Trooper (still working), the money billed to the State while she stayed in her own home (completely legal), or the banned books (not banned) but I really hope that the Debates will help stop this. I hope, but after seeing the latest round of Hollywood types and their comments I am a little concerned.
    Wait a minute, what am I thinking…Whoopie and her slave remark, Matt Damon is “absurd”, and the look on P. Diddys face when he realized what he just said is hilarious. These guys are competing with the MSM to be the first to topple the Temple of Obama.

  2. I am sorry, I forgot the wild card politicians. Rep. Cohen saying Obama is Jesus and Pontius Pilate is Palin (Gov.)…on the house floor?

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