Taliban in FATA Says They Will Void Peace Accord

If lives were not at stake, this article from Malaysia Sun would be seriously funny:

Peshawar, July 14 : Militants in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in North Waziristan have threatened to scrap a peace accord signed with the Pakistan Government in September last year, if the army is not removed from roadside checkpoints by July 15.

“If the government does not order a withdrawal of soldiers from checkpoints on roads linking Miramshah to Bannu, Razmak, Dattakhel and Gulam Khan by July 15, then we would declare the peace accord void and resume guerilla attacks,” Abdullah Farhad, spokesman of militants, said.

“Apart from staging guerrilla attacks, we would ask tribal elders and ulema to stop meeting government functionaries, and anyone violating this decision would be considered as part of the government camp and dealt with accordingly,” he threatened.

The truth is that the Taliban never started honoring the peace accords. If you go here you will find a long series of updates that go back to the beginning of the accords that detail all of the Taliban’s breaks with the accords.

The breaks with the accords range from rocket attacks on FC and Army posts, to suicide bombings, to assassinations, to threats against shops, to crossing the border into Afghanistan to fight. Seriously, if the Taliban break with the accords what would change? Since they never started honoring them, not much.