Pakistan Update

The MMA and the Wafaq Madaris al Arabia Pakistan ( the council of Deobandi mosques in Pakistan, which historically takes their lead from the Saudis,) are out demonstrating, however the turn-out seems tepid as demonstrations go in Pakistan. They burned Musharraf and Bush in effigy, but haven’t they done that a few times in the past? All political parties are adding their angles, and trying to turn this to their advantage.

Pakistan Zindabad or Deobandi Zindabad?

djinn-abdul-aziz-ghazi.jpgAunty Aziz was not sporting a burqa at his brother’s funeral, but he used the occasion to call for revolution in Pakistan, again doing the bidding of the Sauds, AQ, and the deobandi radical mosques. If Pakistanis want a lot of flat-footed sand-eating desert-Djinn running their country in the name of sharia, they have only only to follow his lead.

I can’t get the picture of a fat Saudi business man in his checked headress reading the headlines from Pakistan and chortling, while somewhere else Zawahiri is probably doing the same. It matters not what lives are ripped, to them the surrogates have done their jobs; there will be more bloodshed, more recruits, more recrimination, and Pakistan is less stable. Their designs are served regardless, for in the end Pakistan could easily take predominance in the Arab world from them once the oil runs lower. Pakistan is certainly more advanced in the sciences and they have broader-based markets, resources, and economy being at the hub as they are.

The best overall roundup of Lal Masjid aftermath stories can be found here at Jang.

Right now MMA is extremely aggravated with Benazir Bhutto since she did not throw her division of PPP into the loose alliance of anti-PML-M parties in Pakistan that met in London last week. So everyone is fumbling at the handle of Lal Masjid trying to turn the lever of the event that has torn and tortured the country to their advantage.

In the frontiers three anti-extremist Tribal Leaders were assassinated in Miransah marketplace. This might turn the populace either way, depending on how well the leaders were liked, how angry their relatives get, and the outcome of any Jirga afterwards. With an army brigade moving to Tank, and divisions re-deploying, the Taliban, TNSM, or JeM is playing with fire by doing this now. 

The police also arrested three suicide bombers, and captured a car filled with explosives:

Meanwhile, police seized three suspected suicide bombers and a car filled with explosives, officials said. Police arrested Ehsan, Nasir Din and Jamshid from an under-construction house in Dera Ismail Khan, DPO Gul Afzal Afridi said.

The car contained seven ‘suicide vests’, 100 mortar shells, two rockets and one landmine. SHO Bahwal Khan told APP that two of the alleged bombers are from North Waziristan Agency, while the third belongs to Tank.

There were also suicide bombings in Miranshah and Mingora, where a VBIED was used.

The actions at Lal  Masjid are delivering results for the authorities already, over time the information gained, the interrogations, and those who have since had changes of heart will lead them to the key figures in much of this.