The World of Noblesse

noblesseoblige_org-wordpress-world.jpgHere’s the last thirty days of clustrmap, and my stats. As folks can see I have a diverse audience from across the world,  either I am getting things terribly wrong and everyone comes here to laugh at me, or people come here because I am generally getting things right. If I do get things materially or factually wrong please do let me know in comments. Some of you probably think my opinion is wrong, but sorry I am bone-headed and that’s not something that can be corrected. There is a right, there is a wrong and it’s usually not hard to see which is which in any situation.


2 thoughts on “The World of Noblesse”

  1. Thanos,

    Congrats on the strong hits and also, such a diverse audience. Let me offer up why I think so many come here and why you seem to meet the needs of such a vast array of folks. It’s called Integrity.

    The best way i can explain is this…one of the most popular political blogs out there is Captain’s Quarters. Some may say that is because Cap’n Ed is a hellishly good writer and an extraordinary investigator and reporter. Those points are true but I feel that site kicks so many others is because of the absolute integrity that Cap’n Ed displays, day in and day out.

    And Thanos, we find that here as well at Noblesse Oblige. Never compromise and they will keep coming….in droves.

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