Google Eagle

july4th07.gifMany blogs have complained about Google’s lack of commemorating some holidays, but this year for the Fourth they’ve done well and deserve kudos. Great logo, and thanks Google. Notice that the eagle carries a sheaf of grain, and a sheaf of arrows. That’s a strong message, and both items are held in the eagle’s claws for a purpose.

2 thoughts on “Google Eagle”

  1. Notice that the eagle is stripped of the arrows in its other claw. Google is only willing to show the olive branch. America must be a pacifist nation. Show only contempt for the military. This logo, even more than the absence on other national holidays, makes Google’s contempt for the military crystal clear. We know the price of freedom. Google does not. They take their corporate motto, “First do no harm”, as seriously as the jihadi doctors dp. I;ve got a logo for Google and it is two fisted and digital. .

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