Seven Suicide Bombers Captured in Gilgit

Seven Suicide bombers intent on “assassinating important personages” were captured in Gilgit, a rough mountain valley town near the border of Afghanistan. Gilgit was also once rumored to be the hiding place of Osama Bin Laden.

From the Chitral Times:

Security forces claimed to have arrested seven suicide attackers by conducting a successful raid in Northern Areas District Ghazar and foiled their plot regarding targeting important personalities in Shundoor fair.Talking to Geo News, the security sources said that on the tip-off by the intelligence agencies, SSP Gilgit Rana Faisal guided a big operation in Ghazar areas with a large contingent of police, rangers and Elite Force.The police arrested the seven people belonging to Ghazar and recovered suicide-bombing jackets besides a cache of ammunitions and explosives.The security sources said these suicide attackers have been shifted to an unknown location and more arrests and discoveries are likely in the wake of interrogation

This could be Mehsud going after Sherpao again, or these could be from Hekmatyar who has been assassinating former allies and others lately, or it could be any of the various fractures and factions in the Taliban that are evident now.