For God’s Sake

“Kuda Kay Liye” is a film that depicts the escalation of conflict, both philosophical and physical, between moderate Muslims and the extremists in Pakistan. Since the public sentiment is heartily against the extremists, they must try by force and coercion to stop this from being seen in Pakistan. This will not be a pro-Islamist/Jihadi film — it’s obvious from some of the trailers, but you get this one because I like the music:

The leader of the proto-Taliban mosque that is burning buildings and shooting police in Islamabad, Maulana Ghazi, has called for the film to be censored. This echoes his attempt to stop the magazine Octane, and the Mosque’s attempts to control all that Pakistanis see, hear, think, and feel. Who knows, perhaps this film was the spark that set the conflagration off? 

From Times of India:

“Kuda Kay Liye” (For God’s sake) is produced by Pakistani film producer Shoaib Mansoor. Its cast includes Lollywood’s top actor Shan and Shah. The film depicts intensification of conflict between fundamentalists and liberal Muslims in the post 9/11 scenario. The film is promoted by local TV channel Geo as part of its efforts to “revive cinema in Pakistan”, which is facing prospects of “collapse” due to lack of financial support and dwindling viewership leading to closure of theatres all over the country.

If the ummahzons and cane-wielding crows in Jamia Hafsa want to counter the film nobody is stopping them from producing their own.