The Face of Evil

In response to my post on the political football that the war has become, I elicited some response from the left: a trackback from a communist muslim in London, and some heated disagreement from someone named Dennis.

Both of course challenged the morality of continuing the war to its conclusion. There’s no question in my mind that what we are doing is a noble thing worth finishing. I’ve studied the face of evil for most of my life.

Dennis references the Viet Nam war, but not the aftermath .. the boat people, Pol Pot, the millions dead. So for Dennis, here’s the face of evil, and a repost of a salient interview with a reporter who has seen the face of true evil in our time.

 Turning your back on evil, hiding, ignoring it, pretending it doesn’t exist… that’s always the easy thing to do. Perseverance is always the hardest constituent of courage to find. Most people just don’t have the spine or the patience to persist against evil, but persist we must.

4 Replies to “The Face of Evil”

  1. Wow Thanos, I can’t believe you got me confused with spam? No worries, my Mom still loves me! and here is a quote I like from a Raymond E Feist book.

    “We struggle because we must. Evil has an advantage, for it is served by chaos and confusion. It can destroy and ravage, while we must preserve and build. Ours is the more difficult task.”

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