Senior Al Qaeda operative Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi captured

Bill Roggio has the full story, and more with video at Hot Air. It’s always a good day when another Al Qaeda dog gets taken to Club Gitmo.

UPDATE: Abd al-hadi al-Iraqi is a suspect for the 7/7 bombings, as was this guy…. coincidence?

UPDATE II: After you hook the big fish, you go back and clean up the small fry.

From Yahoo:

BAGHDAD – U.S. forces detained 17 suspected insurgents in raids targeting al-Qaida in Iraq on Saturday, the military said, a day after the Pentagon announced the capture of one of the terror network’s most senior and experienced operatives.

Elsewhere, U.S. forces used fighter jets to destroy a truck bomb discovered in Anbar province, and conducted a raid south of Baghdad that netted weapons that insurgents apparently had imported from neighboring Iran, the military said Saturday.

U.S. and Iraqi officials in Baghdad declined to comment about Abdul Hadi al-Iraqi, 46, who was captured last fall on his way to Iraq, where he may have been sent by top terror leaders in Pakistan to take a senior position in al-Qaida in Iraq, officials said Friday in Washington.

The insurgent group has claimed responsibility for some of the deadliest attacks in Iraq, including the bombing last year of a revered Shiite mosque in Samarra that touched off a fierce cycle of retaliatory sectarian violence.

After being secretly held by the CIA for months, al-Iraqi — who was born in the northern city of Mosul and once served in Iraq’s military — has been shipped to the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military prison for terror suspects, the Pentagon said.

It said the Iraqi militant is believed responsible for plotting cross-border attacks from Pakistan on U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and leading an effort to assassinate Pakistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, and U.N. officials.

The U.S. military in Baghdad said Saturday’s raids targeting suspected al-Qaida in Iraq insurgents netted four people in Mosul; six near Karmah, 50 miles west of Baghdad; two near the Syrian border; two in the Iraqi capital; and three near Balad, 50 miles north of Baghdad

3 thoughts on “Senior Al Qaeda operative Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi captured”

  1. GREAT Frickin’ News !!!!!!!!!!!!

    After this week of shame in our great Country, this is much needed success! Thanks for the update.

    Question is: Can’t some of these moron Dems see some of this great progress that’s being made??? We score a hit like this while the Dems just get done striking the language of “Global War on Terror” – it’s enough to drive a person crazy!

    Now, if the Afghans can either nab Dadullah or shoot him into swiss cheese, it will be a party weekend!

  2. I am really hoping for Dadullah soon… his “secretary” spoke to deny that he was in the surrounded contingent of Taliban, but if he weren’t why wouldn’t he speak for himself?

  3. Exactly Thanos….but at the same time, I’m STILL waiting for the new video/audio from bin Laden that was all the talk a month ago ! mwahahaha

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