Sudan Joins Janjaweed in Genocide

18sudan-600.jpgThe New York Times reports that Sudanese planes falsely flagged as UN are running weapons and bombs into Darfur, and participating in aerial surveillance and bombing according to a confidential UN report.

The Janjaweed have picked up activities recently, burning two villages in neighboring Chad in the last few weeks; murdering hundreds, and sending thousands into refugee camps.

This is unconscionable behavior for any nation, and demands a response beyond verbal. It’s time to take these planes out of the sky, act of war or not.

President Bush speaks out strongly against this, but doesn’t this participation in Genocide call for actions, not words and threats of sanctions?

One Reply to “Sudan Joins Janjaweed in Genocide”

  1. this is outrageous
    i am doing a project on this subject and the events happening that are caused by the janjaweed are enough to make anyone appauled
    i think that if anything is going to be done it needs to be done soon
    there cannot be anymoe waiting around
    a solution must be found NOW

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