7/7 London Bombing Suspect Emerges From Secret Detention In Pakistan

Khalid Mehmood Rashid, a suspect in the 7/7/2005 London Bombings, appeared before the court in Islamabad today to have his detention extended. Right now he is being held without charges after secret extradition from South Africa in November, 2005.

ISI has held him in secret custody since. From The Nation:

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – A Pakistani terror suspect has appeared in court here 18 months after his extradition from South Africa and is being held for alleged links to the 2005 London bombings, his lawyer said Wednesday.
Khalid Mehmood Rashid, 25, attended a federal review board hearing at the Supreme Court in Islamabad for the first time last week and his detention was extended by three months, his lawyer Hashmat Habib said.
London-based human rights group Amnesty International said Rashid was handed over to Pakistan by South Africa in November 2005, and had been in the custody of Pakistan’s intelligence service as of April 16.
“There is no documented charge against him but my understanding is that he is wanted in connection with the July 7, 2005 attacks in Britain,” lawyer Habib told AFP. “When arrested in South Africa for overstaying his visa, the information was shared with Pakistan and a special plane was sent to bring him back to the country,” he added.
A Pakistani security source confirmed that Khalid’s contacts to the London bombers were being investigated…
…Meanwhile Habib said British terror suspect Rashid Rauf, who was arrested in Pakistan in August 2006 for alleged links to a plot to blow up transatlantic airliners, had appeared before the Pakistani review board at the same time. 
Rauf has been charged under Pakistani security laws with “passing on Al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership instructions to suspects in custody in London in connection with the London terror plot”, Habib said, quoting a charge sheet.

As always, Human Rights watch and Amnesty International are all over this, and more concerned about the terrorist than the bombings and the victims.

2 Replies to “7/7 London Bombing Suspect Emerges From Secret Detention In Pakistan”

  1. Thanos, you are kind of a smart ass, aren’t you?
    “As always, Human Rights watch and Amnesty International are all over this, and more concerned about the terrorist than the bombings and the victims.”
    Ever heard about “due process”, “innocent until proven guilty” etc? Besides: If you find ANY authority having proven ANY involvement (never mind ACTIVE involvement) of the guy in 7/7 kindly let me know. My email is nelson6663@yahoo.com. Besides: If it wasn’t for organisations like AI you would live with fewer civil liberties than you already do. n

  2. I know Rashid is cause celebre for the left, and your stories started off with CIA employees kidnapping him for no reason at all. Well it wasn’t the CIA, it was the South African police, concerned for their country deporting an illegal immigrant allied with radicals who admitted in writing that he was using forged documents.
    We won’t see evidence of his guilt for quite a while, and you know that.
    I have little doubt that we will see that eventually.
    The problem with “due process” for extra-state actors such as Al Qaida is that it is not fast enough, does not protect citizens against foreign agents, which Rashid was. I support Liberty and rights freely on this blog, I don’t support them for extra state actors who hold no allegiance to a country.

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