Jamia Hafsa Declares Jihad on Downtown Islamabad

cd-burn-fp.jpgFrontier post reports on the rally of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid, who are declaring Taliban style Sharia court in Islamabad. They are threatening waves of suicide bombers if they are opposed, and in this step they have gone too far both with the citizens of Islamabad and with the Government.


This is jumping the shark for them, their show is over, and sometime soon the clerics leading this will get hauled up without doubt. If Musharaaf doesn’t administer it, I think the citizens of Islamabad will. It’s one thing to declare jihad in foreign countries, it’s quite another to threaten the ummah in your own country with suicide bombers.

These mad mullahs are purposefully seeking confrontation while hiding behind the female children students who are indoctrinated with false teaching. Things could get very ugly as outcome, stay tuned.

More from Frontier Post:

The administrator of the Lal Masjid, located bang in the heart of the nation’s capital, Friday announced the creation of a Shariat court to curb vice and chastise the crooked involved in prostitution, gambling and other immoral activities. The mosque’s firebrand chief cleric, known for his radical Taliban-style morality drive, warned the government the use of force against the mosque administration would trigger a series of suicide attacks by seminary students. Addressing a well-attended conference on “Enforcement of Shariah and Azmat-i-Jihad,” Maulana Abdul Aziz Aziz also set the government a one-month deadline for closing down all video and music shops as well as bordellos. “Should the rulers fails to do the job before the deadline runs out, our male and female students themselves will swing into action to crack down on these centres of malfeasance,” he promised amid chants of Allah-o-Akbar from the highly responsive congregation.

I will keep a watch on this through the weekend.

Update 1: Extremists continue bombing campaign against CD and Video shops in Kohat.


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2 Replies to “Jamia Hafsa Declares Jihad on Downtown Islamabad”

  1. I really think that Lal Masjid mullahs are out of their mind. They already kidnapped our religion and now they are trying to kidnap the rest of the nation at capital city of pakistan. Govt. is lienient because of the recent on going issue with CJ of pakistan and president’s own political position at this point. He is trying to avoid any conflict which will drag him down from power. However, do not underestimate his power to take care of this issue very soon.
    With the same token, MMA should be shameful for their support to these Muslim nazi’s who are threating the citizen of our country and govt with suicide bombers. I wonder, mullah fazlur-rehaman and his associates have any interest in well being of pakistan and its citizens. To me, its very clear that these (they call themselves politicians) religious terrerorist leaders should be charged for accomplices of all the crimes which will be committed by the Lal masjid mullahs. They should be never be allowed to sit in the assemblies once they would be charged with these crimes because criminals should not be sitting in our assemblies, period. With our complacency, we made them so much powerful that they are encourage to support terrorist activities openly. Freedom is one thing, but when it comes to country, and citizens, these mullahs should be paid for their out burst and self motivated ideas. After 911, all the politicians (republicans and democrats), got one voice and that was that country comes first. Anybody, who even tried to wiggle around little bit was punished and set aside to be forgotten. We need to learn the lesson and deal with these guys, once for all by writting some laws and punishments for deterrance.

  2. I agree, it starts with the Mullahs and Muftis. They do this it seems to me in the end for personal power and gain. It’s never their family they send out with suicide bombs on for instance, always someone elses. They need to stop taking bounties for recruiting, and start paying attention to their religion and the affect they are having on it.

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