Truth, Lies, and WMD

Let’s take the politics and the passion out of the debate for a short moment. WMD have undeniably been found. Whether these are “the weapons of mass destruction we went to war for” or not doesn’t matter. The politics don’t matter, what matters is that 500 highly dangerous weapons have been taken out of the hands of lunatics.

The posts, the articles, and the roundtables of talking heads debating this will fire up from both sides today, and it doesn’t serve good on either side. There’s a reason that this hasn’t been put into the press, and it serves us all to think on that a moment.

If you are from the left and think these weapons are degraded and not dangerous, then answer this question honestly: Can we lock you and your family in a room with one and open it up? (5K Iraqi’s died to just three of these shells.)

If you are from the right and want to rub it into our opponent’s face ask yourself these questions: Does it serve our cause to obsess and dwell overmuch on dangerous implements of destruction while we still have troops in harms way, and dangerous maniacal opponents watching everything we say? Would it serve us better to find the rest of the weapons and quietly destroy them, or does it serve us better to bluster?

There are reasons that Bush and DOD want to downplay this. While the paranoid among us on either side might come up with fantasies, I am going to trust the administration. This is something we should not make front page the next five weeks.