Zarqawi is DEAD Terrorists rolled up across the world

Most of these suspects have never met. They had no need. They were recruited, groomed by skilled propagandists and schooled in bombmaking via the internet.

UPDATE : Zarqawi DEAD  More Here., 

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Wind Schism

Anthonares delves into the schisms appearing in the green camp over wind power in this article. It’s well written, and details some of the philosophies underneath the agendas, as I’ve pointed out here in some past posts. (right sidebar, Energy pages I, II, III.)

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Secret Service Nabs Million dollar Churchbills

Counterfeit ministry secret+service million+dollar+bills virginia postrel Dallas morning news

There have to be some terrorists out there we haven’t found yet, there are probably some illegal aliens, and probably a hatful or two of moonbats who have threatened our President, the Secret Service is instead spending its time on things like this. This comes to us courtesy of Virginia Postrel, original article in Dallas Morning News.

DENTON – The U.S. Secret Service has seized bogus $1 million bills printed as religious tracts from a Denton ministry, saying the bills too closely resemble real money. The ministry’s leader says he’ll continue to hand out the tracts until he is ordered to stop.

Three agents visited the Great News Network at 2012 W. University Drive about 1 p.m. Friday and seized 83 100-count packets of what appear to be $1 million bills.