Those Papers are …. Just Paper

Let’s face it, News is a product, as a product those papers are losing market share daily. Both their subscribers and their employees are in decline while their stocks are tumbling. If we pay too much attention we increase the buzz and the exposure, and to me that just makes either their death throes or their reformation take longer.

Some on the right are calling for prosecutions of those papers for endangering security, some are not. Everyone is hot and lathered over the revelations. Exposing the name or the place after the fact might call for a questionable prosecution, and besides that it would serve those papers needs.

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Hitting a bullet with a bullet

art9a.jpgPublius Pundit has a great post up regarding the successful ABM shootdown test, you need to take a visit there. This is why it’s important to continue support of all things missle defense, bar none. It sends a real message to North Korea that it was a joint US-Japan shoot down, I hope they are getting the serious message.

Saddam and Al Qaeda

Over at Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill Pierre Legrande has exhaustive and detailed analysis of all the links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. The documentation, news links and other details go back to before Desert Storm, or the first gulf war.

The work and research put into this must have been monumental, it’s the place everyone should link to whenever you are refuting claims that “there’s no connection! there’s no connection!” (I am remembering one of the “if you can’t win the argument, then shout-it-down talking points Dems appearing on Fox News shortly after we invaded Iraq, can’t remember who it was.) Please bookmark this “oldy but goldy” post.

I also want to point out that Pierre has moved, here’s his new site, here’s the old site.