CAIR sics FBI agents on LGF

CAIR continues to try to silence the voices of those in the US who are against Islamofascism and Islamic Wahabbist Imperialism. First it was the JAWA report filtered by Google, now the FBI comes calling on Charles at Little Green Footballs for posts by a nutcase in the comments section of his blog, even though all comments are  fully disclaimed on the front page.

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Good news for Missourah! Talent leads McCaskill

In a new poll from The Wall Street Journal, Missouri Candidate Jim Talent leads Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill by 5 points. Check the comments here, her supporters think it might be because she supports our troops. Note that one makes the usual empty threat to emmigrate to Canada.

A quick peek at my new love

ramhood_edited-1.jpgHere is a short peek at the new love of my life, but don’t tell my wife I said that.

Prachandra Baits Nepalese Army and Bides Time

prachandra.jpgThe Nepalese people need to watch Prachandra closely — he continues to use threats of violence while at the same time he tries to remove the obstacle to his assumption of power.  He carries with him all the earmarks of a budding, fascist cult of personality dictator.

In a new interview he promises revolution in October (fancy that…) if his demands are not met. At the same time he wants to disband the army, while diminishing individual freedom and emphasizing central, state control.

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Global Warming news

antarctica_radarsat.jpgPhysorg reports on a new article in the June 22nd edition of Nature which details the extensive role of the Antartic deep-ocean CO2 sink.

Global atmospheric carbon level may depend primarily on southernmost ocean from Circulation in the waters near the Antarctic coast may be one of the planet’s critical means of regulating levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, according to Princeton researchers.

Weekend Nuclear Energy Roundup

floating reactor.jpgIn an interesting twist on some of Atomic Rod‘s ideas, the Russians now plan to build portable floating nuclear reactors as reported by Der Spiegel. It’s workable, since these are reactors just like the ones Russian Subs and Icebreakers currently use. The drawback as Der Spiegel points out is that the reactors use U-235 weapons-grade Uranium in their fuel rods. If you want to use old-school permanent disposal techniques, (in other words put it where nobody could get at it again,) it does propose novel solutions. You could fill the barge with cement and drop it in the bottom of the Marianas trench. However new-school is that any uranium is much too valuable to dispose of permanently, it’s better to recycle it.

The concept is amazing. The new ship could be anchored along any coastline where there is no threat of a tsunami or hurricane. All local engineers have to do is attach a few cables and then the magic arrives: “the reactors are activated — and there is light.” Voilá, the world’s mobile, boat-based nuclear reactor for the production of civilian power. That, at least, is how an enthusiastic Evgeny Kuzin, who works for the Russian utility company Malaya Energetika, pitches the ambitious project.

Speaking of Rod Adams you can catch him here at his blog, Atomic Insights with a new podcast from Friday on Canada’s potential energy future.

Also, over at NEI Nuclear notes, a very detailed piece refuting Greenpeace’s “Chernobyl’s just waiting to happen here in America” hysteria with solid facts on nuclear safety.

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