Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma need Freedom

Aung San Suu Kyi.jpg Aung San Suu Kyi is the elected leader of Burma and a pro-democracy activist, but the military junta there has kept her under house arrest for ten out of the last 17 years.

The junta moved the capital, renamed the country Myanmar, and is steadily buying arms from China. They are a repressive regime with an insurrection on their hands, they are massing troops at the borders of Thailand, and they continue to build “Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree Colleges” which could be re-education camps for the youths in rebel regions.

In the UN the US will shortly introduce a resolution to urge the junta to change it’s repressive policies, frowned on by most countries in the world. Please write your congressman and urge support for that initiative.

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Immigration Bill stalls in committee

Congress critters might have actually been reading mail from their constituents — I think they are waking up to the fact that any immigration bill could be the radioactive kryptonite that kills even super-incumbents. There are firm passions on all sides of the debate, and there are complexities to making an effective bill. Denny Hastert put the bill on ice today.

You can’t just put up a fence, although that would help a great deal and send the right message, so it does merit a single bill by itself; however we know that fence-only wouldn’t pass the senate and would endanger Republicans.

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Rove Cleared, BUSH in IRAQ, Reporters left on Short Bus to Camp David

In a news day that has to have the left spinning madly Karl Rove will not be indicted per Fitzgerald’s office, President Bush is meeting with the Government of Iraq in the Green Zone as I type, and all the reporters are steaming on the short bus to Camp David. On top of that, Zarqawi is still dead.

You have to wonder what the reporter’s reaction will be, however no matter what they say you can’t fault the President. The press has proven time and again the past six years that they must not be trusted with secrets regarding national security. In the end I have no doubt that Libby’s case will prove that Wilson himself leaked the information on Valerie Plame, and if anyone’s to blame it’s the reporters.

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