Happy Birthday Suu Kyi

In days ahead think of her as well; when you see moonbats demonstrating over minor things, when you see politicians screeching hyperbolic and meaningless rants, think of Suu Kyi, and what real leadership, courage, and persistence is.

aung San Suu Kyi protest.jpg

By Now you have probably tired of reading about the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi, however in a few hours it will be her 61st birthday. Suu Kyi’s tale is one of bravery, persistence, and unwavering loyalty to the cause of Freedom for the people of Burma (aka Myanmar in military junta-speak.)

Her tale is also a sad one, but wholly inspirational. For ten of the past seventeen years the miltary junta has either kept her imprisoned or under house arrest. She is alone but for two maids (minders for the junta,) and gets one visit from a doctor per month.

When her husband, dieing of cancer, tried to visit her they would not grant him a visit, and he died without seeing her again. They have taken the passports of her sons, and denied them visas. So Suu Kyi will be alone on her birthday again.

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Democratic Strategy Underwhelmingly Embarrassing

So it’s quite telling that the Democratic Leadership dropped their election strategy for ’06 late on a Friday afternoon at the beginning of silly season.

We are about to start into silly season — in traditional news days, this was the season when there wasn’t much going on. This is because across America folks are out of school, on vacation, bar-b-queing, and planning weddings. Americans aren’t paying much attention to the news, and shortly there isn’t going to be a lot of news to report – Congress will be out of session, and politicos will be on vacation as well. 

 In times now gone forever, the hot, lazy days of summer were for stories on UFO investigations, top reporters interviewing psychics, and the yellow press resorting to headlines like this:

Boy Trapped in Freezer Eats Own Foot to Survive!”

 Another news tradition of the beltway crowd is to dump bad or embarrassing news late on a Friday afternoon, in the hopes that something will overwhelm it before Monday. Besides that, American’s don’t much watch the news on weekends – it’s a way of downplaying bad things.

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Newt takes on Greenpeace and Global Warming

Newt Gingrich exposes Greenpeace anti-nuclear energy demagogery in this soundbite. Next he takes on global warming here.

winning the future.jpgNewt Gingrich exposes Greenpeace anti-nuclear energy demagogery in this soundbite. In the sidebar at Newt’s site are more audio commentaries, try the one on global warming as well. From the Greenpeace memo:

 “Fill in alarmist and armageddonist factoid here”