Missile Defense Agency

With North Korea readying to launch it’s new Taepodong II missle, the nuclear table stakes just raised. On Tuesday, North Korea asserted that it has the right to test fire the missle with theoretical capability to reach the US, and I am going to agree with them.

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Sadaam’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) found.

The weapons of mass destruction that Sadaam Hussein had prior to the second war with Iraq have been found, 500 shells have been found with sarin and mustard gas in varying condition since 2003. See the full story at Captain’s Quarters, along with the Negroponte memo on the subject.

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Plutos moons — Nyx Nixxed

nix and hydra.jpg Pluto’s recently discovered moons have been named. The orginal intent was to name them Nyx and Hydra, befitting for Pluto, and matching the pantheon that includes the first moon, Charon. However a near-earth object is named Nyx already…

The moons can be seen faintly to the right as small dots, with Pluto the predominant feature from the Hubble Space Telescope photo.

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