Kelsey Grammer with some good words

See KC buzzblog for some good words that ring true from Kelsey Grammer.

Kelsey Grammer may run for office and is still a strong supporter of President Bush, the “X-Men: The Last Stand” star told us yesterday in response to our item about his Hamptons home.

“On the political front,” Grammer, 51, said via E-mail, “I think the problem in government is that everything is measured. Politics is a game of equivocation, but there can be no half-measures in dealing with the difficulties we face abroad.

“When mistakes are made [as they surely will be in war], they must be addressed, corrected and condemned without equivocation. Successes, however, must also be acknowledged, and brought to light with the same fervor. I believe that George Bush has taken a valiant stance in a dangerous time for this country.”

As for this dangerous time, “I also believe that our enemy is resolute – that we must match his resolve or lose. The rhetoric of our President is not sexy or upbeat; it is simple, direct and accurate. Giving up is not an option,” he continued.

CA 50th, potential Congressional Bellweather election

See the Washinton Post Political blog for some election horse-race handicapping for the California 50th district special elections race. If you read the comments you will see that the Dems are trying to set this up as a “we win even if we lose” scenario by stating that this is Republican bedrock district, and that it’s a sign or deep portent if the Republicans don’t win by +10 pts. I’m with Rush Limbaugh on this approach, if the dems want to continue to think that losing is winning, let ’em do so.

This should be interesting although the jury is out on whether special elections ever prove to be bellweathers or not, the data in most previous specials doesn’t indicate a clear trend and the article points out.