Chinese Blogger Silenced

The last words Zou wrote on his blog described his feelings at the time he was prevented from boarding the plane: “The moment I saw the name ‘Zou Tao’ listed on the blacklist in the security center at the airport, I completely lost all hope.

In a clear sign that free speech, dissent, and capitalism are still very much fettered in China, read here the tale of Zou Tao and his real estate boycott.

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Nuclear Update – Bogus Surveys appearing

In a sign of the desperation seizing the environmental lobbies now that Kyoto is being questioned or even thrown by the wayside by some of the signatories, several groups are now lobbying against nuclear power. They see the coming dissolution of all the plans and organizations they’ve put together in the intervening years: the grants, the jobs, the public speaking engagements, the press, the notoriety, and the subsidies — all for things that do not work.

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Iranian Protests in Azerbaijan continue

The protests in Iran continue, I appreciate the diligence that bloggers are taking to pixilate the faces of the protestors, the folks in Iran are courageous and putting their future and their families future in jeopardy in the face of the repressive regime in Iran. Please take care with the reporting you do as a blogger, you don’t want to be a yahoo or google.

Update: please revisit both Gateway Pundit and Publius above, their excellent coverage continues, if they weren’t doing such a great job on this I would feel compelled to write on the topic, but it would be inferior to the work they are doing.

If you like historical fiction, Jame’s Clavell’s book “Whirlwind” has a heroine from Azerbaijan, the book details the frantic escape of the workers of a Scots oil company from Iran during the weeks that Khomeini’s thugs were taking over the nation.

Non-Nuclear ICBMs – update II

Leave it to the Russians to report this best, here’s a great article from Pravda that gives the strategic significance and the most detail on the new program proposed. With this program no terrorist leader in the world is safe anywhere given intelligence on his whereabouts. It’s natural that normal world leaders would feel squeamish in regards to the program as well however, since coupled with satellite surveilance and/or local drone intelligence the weapon makes it so nobody is outside the reach of the US military anywhere in the world except in deep, deep bunkers.

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