Rove Cleared, BUSH in IRAQ, Reporters left on Short Bus to Camp David

In a news day that has to have the left spinning madly Karl Rove will not be indicted per Fitzgerald’s office, President Bush is meeting with the Government of Iraq in the Green Zone as I type, and all the reporters are steaming on the short bus to Camp David. On top of that, Zarqawi is still dead.

You have to wonder what the reporter’s reaction will be, however no matter what they say you can’t fault the President. The press has proven time and again the past six years that they must not be trusted with secrets regarding national security. In the end I have no doubt that Libby’s case will prove that Wilson himself leaked the information on Valerie Plame, and if anyone’s to blame it’s the reporters.

More on reaction to the Rove announcement here & here at Decision ’08.

5 thoughts on “Rove Cleared, BUSH in IRAQ, Reporters left on Short Bus to Camp David”

  1. Yes, it is a good day for the Bush thugs, but it will inevitably be short lived. Bush had a nice photo-op in Baghdad, but bombs were still going off and people were still dying. I’m sure Rove ratted on one of his boys to avoid prosecution.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comments. PC, I understand where you are coming from but can’t agree.

  3. Excellent post. The donk lefti pundits are going nuts. There has been some progress in ushering in freedom in Iraq. It will take a long time to right the wrongs of the past 30 years. Those that profess that they care. But, they would not have said a peep about No to War if it was not for the US lead Iraqi Freedom. They do not care about the down trodden people of the world, only their hatred for President Bush and his conservative values.

    God Bless the United States and those who serve.

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