Non-Nuclear ICBMs – update II

Leave it to the Russians to report this best, here’s a great article from Pravda that gives the strategic significance and the most detail on the new program proposed. With this program no terrorist leader in the world is safe anywhere given intelligence on his whereabouts. It’s natural that normal world leaders would feel squeamish in regards to the program as well however, since coupled with satellite surveilance and/or local drone intelligence the weapon makes it so nobody is outside the reach of the US military anywhere in the world except in deep, deep bunkers.

If fielded, it would be the only nonnuclear weapon designed for rapid strikes against targets thousands of miles away and would add to the United States’ options when considering a pre-emptive attack.

Gen. James E. Cartwright, the chief of the United States Strategic Command, said the system would enhance the Pentagon’s ability to “pre-empt conventionally” and precisely while limiting the “collateral damage.” The program would cost an estimated half a billion dollars over five years, and the Pentagon is seeking $127 million in its current spending request to Congress to begin work….

A major issue, however, is whether the Pentagon will prepare for new threats at the risk of aggravating old nuclear risks. Under the Pentagon plan, each Trident submarine would carry two of the nonnuclear Trident II missiles along with 22 nuclear-armed Trident missiles. Each of the nonnuclear missiles would carry four nonexplosive warheads. Two types of warheads would be developed. One type would be a metal slug that would land with such tremendous force it could smash a building. The other type of warhead would be a flechette bomb, which would disperse tungsten rods to destroy vehicles and less well-protected targets over a broader area.