Iranian Protests in Azerbaijan continue

The protests in Iran continue, I appreciate the diligence that bloggers are taking to pixilate the faces of the protestors, the folks in Iran are courageous and putting their future and their families future in jeopardy in the face of the repressive regime in Iran. Please take care with the reporting you do as a blogger, you don’t want to be a yahoo or google.

Update: please revisit both Gateway Pundit and Publius above, their excellent coverage continues, if they weren’t doing such a great job on this I would feel compelled to write on the topic, but it would be inferior to the work they are doing.

If you like historical fiction, Jame’s Clavell’s book “Whirlwind” has a heroine from Azerbaijan, the book details the frantic escape of the workers of a Scots oil company from Iran during the weeks that Khomeini’s thugs were taking over the nation.

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