Kelsey Grammer with some good words

See KC buzzblog for some good words that ring true from Kelsey Grammer.

Kelsey Grammer may run for office and is still a strong supporter of President Bush, the “X-Men: The Last Stand” star told us yesterday in response to our item about his Hamptons home.

“On the political front,” Grammer, 51, said via E-mail, “I think the problem in government is that everything is measured. Politics is a game of equivocation, but there can be no half-measures in dealing with the difficulties we face abroad.

“When mistakes are made [as they surely will be in war], they must be addressed, corrected and condemned without equivocation. Successes, however, must also be acknowledged, and brought to light with the same fervor. I believe that George Bush has taken a valiant stance in a dangerous time for this country.”

As for this dangerous time, “I also believe that our enemy is resolute – that we must match his resolve or lose. The rhetoric of our President is not sexy or upbeat; it is simple, direct and accurate. Giving up is not an option,” he continued.