Illegal Immigration not only a US problem

In France the intifada has started again

In France the Intifada has started again with angry islamic youths attacking police stations, burning cars, and starting general mayhem.

These are the most visible and dangerous signs of a larger worldwide problem with Illegal Immigration. The waves of illegal immigrants are evident and a problem in most European countries, not just the US.

China and Russia also have issues with illegal immigrants, mostly from China to Russia. There are a multitude of reasons, but those reasons devolve to a simple essential that this photo from NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratories illustrates.


You can see the areas with High-energy societies, and you can easily see the low-energy areas. It’s not just a matter of wealth, although high-energy countries tend to be much wealthier. Also note that many of the poor countries such as Mexico have bright lights, however those are mostly in tourist areas, or isolated large metropolitan areas such as Mexico city.

It’s also not just a matter of population. Thirty years ago most of India would be much dimmer than you see in this photo, however it still registers relatively dim for the size of population, compare it to the US Midwest, where the population is much much lower. So you easily see energy abundance, and energy poverty. This creates two very powerful dynamics.

The first is a drive in the low energy countries to gain more energy, and the second is a drive by the populations in those countries to get to the places where energy is abundant.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • When you are sixty, where do you think you would want to be?
  • If you lived in a country where average summer temperatures ranged from 80 to 100+ degrees Fahrenheit and air conditioning were sparse, would you not want to be there, would you perhaps be temperamental? For that matter, think of the Latin root of the words Temperature and Temperamental a moment before you answer.
  • Picture yourself young, with a new family — where would you wish your children to grow up, in a country with energy abundance, or one of sparsity?

In the US, we are sovereign individuals, like the kings and queens, nobles of old, we can own property, we can sign contracts, we have individual will and can direct our own future… to our own prosperity, or our own grief. We can revel in our achievements, but … with nobility comes responsibility, as the name of this website suggests. Noblesse Oblige. Not only will we feel more comfortable in our energy abundance if everyone has access to cheap plentiful energy, but we will also stop the rising tide of immigration. I consider it our duty to pave the way to worldwide clean energy abundance, and it’s also in our best self-interest to do so.

There’s another important effect of energy abundance: in countries where energy is abundant, the population levels have tapered off to replacement or declining levels. In areas where energy is sparse, the population is still exploding, in more ways than one if you will pardon the pun.

This is why it’s real important to support not just energy independence, but also the energy initiatives of President Bush. We must lead the world to a better energy future if we are to be comfortable in our future, it’s pretty plain and simple.