The best news in years!

This is the single most encouraging news item I have seen in ten years because without nuclear power America is certain to falter in this century. GE has broken ground on a new factory that will make next-generation Nuclear Power plants, see the story here.

I never thought this would happen, but North Carolina is going to become the leading state for science and technology in the country with this change. One of these days the people of the state of California will wake up and recognize that they can’t continue to let environmentalist wackos and anti-capitalist political thugs continue to chase business out of the state and have any hope to prosper.

WILMINGTON, N.C. – GE Energy, which moved its nuclear business from California to Wilmington three years ago, has broken ground here on a plant here that will focus on developing a new line of nuclear reactors for the international market.

Two North Carolina-based utilities also are moving forward with nuclear projects to meet rising energy demand in their service areas.

Combined, Raleigh-based Progress Energy and Duke Power in Charlotte plan to license a total of six new reactors in the Carolinas and Florida.

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