Pseudo-Hillary gets Recalled…


Commander in Chef………. canceled.

And in more interesting news, try to picture how they got this guy out of the stall…

 And in the things get weirder everyday category…. I will cop to the fact that I have paid real, hard currency dollars for virtual things in an imaginary world…. what’s strange is the turn this has taken….. See the articles in Wired, AP, and Business Week….

To give you an idea of just how much money can be made, let me tell you the story of Julian Dibbell, a freelance writer and avid MMO gamer. Back in June 2003, Mr. Dibbell set a challenge for himself, writing this on his blog: “On April 15, 2004, I will truthfully report to the IRS that my primary source of income is the sale of imaginary goods — and that I earn more from it, on a monthly basis, than I have ever earned as a professional writer


DALLAS(AP) Who said you can’t make any money playing video games? The makers of the online sci-fi game “Entropia Universe” have come up with a way to let players withdraw the virtual cash they’ve amassed in the game as real money from select ATM machines.

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