More NYT near-traitorous idiocy

The New York Times has found another congressional leaker for the world socialist cause. See the article here. Yes, all the parts of this are declassified, I read them myself in some science rags, however the pieces assembled and the methods proposed are not declassified I would bet.

Now that our program is successfully stalled by congress (why did we vote these boneheads into office? I’d rather have this than a bridge to nowhere in Alaska Ted, and I’m from Alaska…) to continue… now that our program has stalled, NYT has published enough that other countries can replicate.

But some Congressional Democrats and other experts fault the research as potential fuel for an antisatellite arms race that could ultimately hurt this nation more than others because the United States relies so heavily on military satellites, which aid navigation, reconnaissance and attack warning.

That’s great. Apparently NYT wants Russia and China to hold the high ground. If you’ve never understood the concept of high ground as applied to space, try the link.

Once you hold the high ground in any military campaign, it’s exceedingly hard for your foes to dislodge you — and space is the highest ground to hold.

Think ahead another fifty years — do you suspect that some more countries will have both missles and nukes? Do you want your children and grandchildren to have a defense or not?

Here’s the Hot Air take on it.