Mexican Elections

I’ve just returned from vacation in Mexico’s Yucatan penninsula, and I took the opportunity to survey several folks asking them who they favored in the upcoming vote.

The sentiment in the entirely unscientific poll I took was 100% for Obrador. A couple of notes: those I surveyed worked at the resort, the airport, for transport companies, or at tourist attractions, and with only a couple of exceptions they were Mayan. Obrador runs strong among the indigenous Mayans due to his efforts on their behalf in the past.

I don’t think this election is predictable, and there is a lot of time between now and la vota. During the week I was there the political posters on the roadway between Cancun and Puerto Moreles doubled, with PRD, PAN, and PRI posters being the most common, the money is starting to be spent, with green the predominant color, yellow for Obrador’s party the least common.

Publius Pundit has a recent article worth reviewing on the upcoming elections in Mexico, here .

On Vacation

If there’s internet where we are going for the next week I will post, otherwise not.

Ok we are at the airport and I am blogging from my PPC 6700 just to see how it goes.

Btw, I do Love my Pocket PC 6700 — it’s a phone, it’s a video cam, it’s an MP3 player capable of receiving broadband EVDO TV & video podcasts, it’s a camera, it’s a pc with Word, Excel, powerpoint etc. I also get my email, both work and home over the air, and it usually blips in quicker than my office laptop. It seamlessly transitions from EVDO to Wifi when you cross a zone… If they weren’t so spendy I would recommend that everyone get one.

Disclaimer: I work for Sprint, and I am not speaking officially for them above. My view could be biased towards them, etc., but I still love my phone. 🙂

And now we are home again.

During vacation I read “The Force of Reason” by Oriana Fallaci, and “The Virtues of War” by Steven Pressfield. I do highly recommend both books.


Singularity Summit

See Jerry Pournelle’s blog of the Stanford Singulartiy Summit here. If you have no clue what is meant by the singularity, read some Vernor Vinge, or go here.

Dems and RINOs kill offshore drilling

There was good news for our energy future earlier with GE opening a nuclear power plant factory, but now the RINOs and DEMs have killed offshore drilling again. Haven’t you had enough of this? It appears Congress wants both us and our children dependent on despots and tyrants for energy.

Please take a moment to write your congress-critter and give them a piece of your mind on the topic. One note: this ammendment killed offshore drilling so a yes vote means your congress critter was against offshore drilling. One of those things our elected representatives do to obscure the truth from us.


KOS hates Walking in Overland Park KS

Over at KOS SpleenOrnament displays the natural insecurity and paranoia of the left. I live in the area, and walk in Overland Park all the time, but look at Spleen’s take on it:

There are places in America where walking makes you a freak. As though, in opening your mouth to speak, you’re revealed to be antihuman. Makes you Suspect. Like a criminal casing the joint for easy pickings. Or, makes you un-American. Wholesomeness is driving to where you are going. Taking a bus is irresponsible. It is leaching off the highway system by not adding to its one-driver-per-car congestion. I am a freak, am a suspect, am un-American.

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Somalia and the left

The left hemisphere of the blogosphere is up in arms over rumored US intervention in Somalia. They are upset that we might be dealing with some of the warlords in control of the countryside instead of the “official government”. Some of these warlords could have helped in the BlackHawk Down incident, which is upsetting to all, but if they are opposed to Jihadis the saying “The enemy of my enemy” comes into play. Continue reading “Somalia and the left”

The best news in years!

This is the single most encouraging news item I have seen in ten years because without nuclear power America is certain to falter in this century. GE has broken ground on a new factory that will make next-generation Nuclear Power plants, see the story here.

I never thought this would happen, Continue reading “The best news in years!”

Pelosi rumored to remove Harman from House Intel committee

Is Pelosi setting up for the house leadership team, or picking off a potential rival for the minority leadership role? Read this story, then decide.

Immigration reform: Will it take a thousand burning cars?

Aussiegirl points out the tough new French Immigration legistlation. Will it take a thousand cars burning a night here in America before we wake up like they did? I certainly hope we aren’t as foolish as the French.

Let Illegals vote in Carrboro

People get the government they deserve. See who the citizens of Carrboro NC voted for at Little Green Footballs.