On Vacation

If there’s internet where we are going for the next week I will post, otherwise not.

Ok we are at the airport and I am blogging from my PPC 6700 just to see how it goes.

Btw, I do Love my Pocket PC 6700 — it’s a phone, it’s a video cam, it’s an MP3 player capable of receiving broadband EVDO TV & video podcasts, it’s a camera, it’s a pc with Word, Excel, powerpoint etc. I also get my email, both work and home over the air, and it usually blips in quicker than my office laptop. It seamlessly transitions from EVDO to Wifi when you cross a zone… If they weren’t so spendy I would recommend that everyone get one.

Disclaimer: I work for Sprint, and I am not speaking officially for them above. My view could be biased towards them, etc., but I still love my phone. 🙂

And now we are home again.

During vacation I read “The Force of Reason” by Oriana Fallaci, and “The Virtues of War” by Steven Pressfield. I do highly recommend both books.