KOS hates Walking in Overland Park KS

Over at KOS SpleenOrnament displays the natural insecurity and paranoia of the left. I live in the area, and walk in Overland Park all the time, but look at Spleen’s take on it:

There are places in America where walking makes you a freak. As though, in opening your mouth to speak, you’re revealed to be antihuman. Makes you Suspect. Like a criminal casing the joint for easy pickings. Or, makes you un-American. Wholesomeness is driving to where you are going. Taking a bus is irresponsible. It is leaching off the highway system by not adding to its one-driver-per-car congestion. I am a freak, am a suspect, am un-American.

In Overland Park everything is well-maintained, the community takes pride in their city, and many American flags are on display. At night women jog by themselves most evenings, and there’s neither graffitti on buildings, nor are there bars on windows.

In Overland Park whenever you turn on your sprinklers, you find yourself host to a cute, furry critter party — rabbits, squirrels, woodhchucks, jays, cardinals, etc. Most folks living there love it, and would take umbrage at Spleen’s characterization. The corner she speaks of btw is the intersection of Metcalf and 435 highway, home to Dick Clark’s American Bandstand restaurant, and KC Masterpiece barbeque. She must have missed seeing the folks who walk there for lunch every day.